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We are pleased to offer specialist home insurance for properties that can be difficult to insure.

British Insurance

British Insurance provides you with:
  • Extra cover you need that is not offered by standard home insurance
  • Cover for renting out your holiday home
  • Protection with our English based call centre
  • Pass the phone - an exclusive interpretation service
This holiday home insurance policy is provided by Towergate Insurance. By clicking the Get A Quote button, you will leave the British Insurance website and you will be redirected to Towergate Insurance. British Insurance cannot be held responsible for the content of the Towergate Insurance website and by using this website you will be subject to their terms of use.

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We provide holiday home insurance for second homes in the UK and many European countries.
We provide insurance for holiday homes in the UK, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Southern Cyprus, Bulgaria and the Republic of Ireland.
Choose holiday home buildings insurance, contents or both
We offer a discount if you take out buildings and contents insurance, but if you don’t need both you can also have just one. We provide holiday home building insurance for buildings with a rebuild value of up to £500,000. We provide holiday home contents insurance for up to £60,000.
Emergency travel included
What if an emergency that is covered by this policy that has happened to your overseas holiday home, or indeed your second home in the UK, which would benefit from you being there, for instance damage as a result of a storm? In certain circumstances our home insurance will cover your travel expenses/alternative accommodation.
You can rent out your property
You may wish to rent out your holiday home, or have family and friends stay in it. Unlike standard home insurance this second home insurance provides for this.
Public liability
French home insurance, Spanish home insurance and Portuguese home insurance have specific liability requirements, which we have included in our holiday home policy. It also includes a generous limit of £5 million as standard.
Specific requirements for French home insurance and Spanish home insurance
Home insurance in France and home insurance in Spain have specific requirements:

In accordance with French Law your policy will be extended to include French natural catastrophe cover which would include material damage to any of the property insured under the policy due to an intense and abnormal natural event.

In accordance with Spanish Law your policy will be extended to include Consorcio cover and claims, which would include material damage to any of the property insured under the policy due to extraordinary events, such as earthquakes or terrorism.

Pass the phone
An exclusive interpretation service automatically added to your overseas holiday home insurance with multi-lingual advisers who as well as instant interpretation also offer you assistance following an emergency or crime, help with lost passports, credit cards and money and assistance with utility companies and location of local tradesmen and professional services.
Your second home can be left unoccupied
Standard home insurance normally has a condition on how long your home may be unoccupied for, and also requires it to be your main residence. This second home insurance does not have that condition (there are some restrictions if your holiday home is unoccupied and you do need to make sure you take precautions).
Security requirements for your property
As your holiday home may not always be occupied, there are certain things you need to make sure you have done to enjoy full protection under this policy:
  1. Make sure your home is furnished for normal occupation.
  2. Make sure you close your windows and doors when you leave your home or go to sleep at night.
  3. Take some time to check out the locks you have in your home.
    If your home is in the UK check if the lock on the main door has a British Standard 3621 mark. Otherwise, make sure it is a mortice deadlock of at least five levers or any rim automatic deadlatch with a key locking handle on the inside. You can find explanations about what those locks look like in our jargon buster.
    For any other external doors, they should either be to the above standard, or have a lock and key operated security bolts fitted at the top and bottom. For sliding patio doors, key operated patio doors mounted internally on the centre rails are also adequate.
    Opening windows on the ground floor, basement and accessible upper floor windows should be fitted with key operated security devices or shutters securely locked internally.
  4. If your home will not be lived in for more than 60 consecutive days (or a week during the winter):
    • Remove any valuables, money & credit cards
    • Turn off the water supplies off at the mains
    • If the house is not in Spain, Portugal or Southern Cyprus, drain all water tanks, pipes & apparatus or keep the temperature at 15°C at all times
  5. If you have an alarm, make sure it is maintained, and on when nobody is in the house.
Renting out your home
If you rent out your holiday home, make sure a rental agreement is in place.
Looking after your holiday home
Your property needs to be in a good state of repair and maintained as such.
Lock your bicycles to an immovable object whenever you are not riding them.
About the policy
This policy is underwritten by Lloyd’s Syndicates 4444 and 958.

All our insurers have signed up to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and Financial Ombudsman Scheme (FOS).

Copies of the policy document can be downloaded and printed off, to read at your leisure. If having gone through them, you have any queries, please get in touch. We’re an insurance provider based in the UK and would be delighted to hear from you.

The policy summary
The policy summary, also known as Key Facts, contains the main policy information. It explains how it works, covers off eligibility issues, highlights the features and benefits and outlines the exclusions and claims protocol.
The policy wording
The policy wording, also known as the certificate of insurance, is more detailed. It contains your policy terms & conditions and explains definitions, the insurance contract, exclusions and support services. It also advises how to make changes or cancel your policy, plus explains how to make a claim.
Amending your policy
You will be able to amend, change or transfer your policy cover by phoning the telephone number in your policy documentation. Please note that the eligibility criteria are also applicable to amendments to your policy. An amendment fee of £10.00 (which is subject to local taxes) may be charged.
Cancelling your policy
You can cancel for any reason during the initial 14 day cooling off period from inception or renewal or receipt of the policy or renewal documentation, whichever is the later.

If you wish to do so and the insurance cover has not yet commenced, you will be entitled to a full refund of the premium paid.

Alternatively, if cover has already commenced, your premium will be refunded to you, after deduction of a charge for the cover provided from the beginning of the contract to the date of cancellation, and in the event that a claim has not been made that would be considered as having completed the contract.

How to make a claim on your buildings or contents cover
To make a claim call the claims line 01708 777720
(from abroad: 0044 1708 777720).
What happens next?
Depending on your claim, the insurer will ask you for certain information.

For instance if something has been stolen, a record from the police, or in case of a legal liability claim any letter, writ, summons or other legal document issued against you.

Pass the phone
Towergate Overseas Assist can help you in case of a real emergency or with something as simple as contacting an engineer or booking a restaurant. Pass the Phone offers:
  • Instant interpretation
  • English speaking call handlers
  • Telephone Directory
  • Assistance following an emergency or crime
  • Help with lost passports, credit cards and money
  • Booking service i.e. for medical appointments, restaurants, golf tee times
  • Assistance with utility companies
  • Locating local tradesmen and professional services
  • Information helpline
  • Peace of mind

Pass the Phone's multilingual advisors speak the language for you and are fully trained to handle any task on your behalf. Pass the Phone can also be used by any tenant or guest using your home. Additionally you can use the interpretation service whilst on holiday abroad.

Pass the Phone speak over 50 of the world's most widely spoken languages and are on hand to help wherever in the world you are. As part of your overseas holiday home policy you are entitled to four calls to the interpretation service within a policy year, with the option to purchase more.

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